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MSI Optix G271 Review


We got our hands on MSI’s new monitor in their eSports monitor range MSI Optix G271 . but considering the IPS panel and wide colour gamut written in specifications. let's take it for a ride . Lets see what MSI states this monitor to be , here are the specifications on the official website.

Key features :

1.This is Colour : IPS panel 2.144hz with 1ms response time . 3.True Colour : Wide Colour Gamut 4.AMD Free sync

5.Night Vision 6.Anti- Flicker technology 7.178 Degrees of viewing angle 8. Blue light Reduction.

Phew, that's some list ! Lets see what we actually get! 144hz with IPS panel basically gives you access in content creation territory while also using the machine for if you are going for some entry level Photo editing or video editing its better to opt for a IPS panel rather than TN or VA. Usually one should look for BLB and IPS glow when checking for IPS panel Quality,

We used the EIZO monitor test for the IPS test. MSI Optix G271 looks pretty solid while checking there is no Black light bleeding so we can surely say it's a good IPS panel You can refer to Pic no 1 for this ..

Now let's move forward and get a piece of this 144hz panel and check if it really is 144hz

We can check with Monitor passmark for vertical and horizontal frequency of the panel,and the values we got are While testing it with the UFO test we can surely say the detected refresh rate of the panel is 144hz, nothing much to see here!

Here comes the part where we test the bold claim by MSI that the monitor has Wide colour Gamut.

One can notice if the panel has Wide colour gamut by using an image of two very close shades of the same colour. If the panel can reproduce wide color , you will be able to distinguish both the shades rather than seeing a single colour. MSI optix got good color reproduction. So we can say the claim is true and the monitor actually has a wide color gamut.

AMD FREESYNC is more or less standard among this range of monitors. Night Vision is a new feature introduced by MSI , that can be enabled from the OSD menu where monitors adjust the black range on the panel which can help in extra visibility in dark areas of the game. We should test it out by playing some games, here comes the game time! We used Rise of Tomb raider , we can say this game got some dark areas ! Here are the results !

We do think this makes sense while playing games, Good move MSI.

Here is what you get in the Box:

1.Monitor Panel.

2.Monitoir Stand

3.User Manual

4.4 x Screws for Stand mount

5. Power cable

6.HDMI cable


Looking at the price point where the monitor is being retailed at 21000-22000 INR with the given features and aesthetics we surely recommend the MSI Optix G271 for your next gaming monitor hunt.

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